25. October 2012: Kurban Bairam

We had been in Kirali before (in 2005) and were pleased to see Bilal's family again.
We were given a wonderful breakfast in the family's kitchen.
This time we were invited to Kurban Bairam. At this festival Muslims slaughter a sheep or goat.
Normally the right half of the animal is given to neighbours and the other half is eaten in the house.

Bilal's father is an expert. The killing, and the whole process of taking off the hide and dividing the animal was done with accuracy and perfect ceanliness.
This year the sacrifice was dedicated to Bilal's wife Sule. 
They inflated the carcass with compressed air (between the skin and the body!) from an old tractor to get the hide off more easily!

Here the lung is taken out of the body. It will be cooked first.


The stomach and bowels are washed by Mrs. Dursun and her sister in law. Later they are going to be filled with meat and rice.

 The ladies prepare the intestines.

 During the morning neighbours and relatives come and there is a lot of hand-kissing. After kissing a person's  hand, the younger one touches his forhead with it.

When we had arrived in the village we had found that the car had a flat tire. Now the Dursuns helped us to exchange the wheel. Thank you!!
On this holiday everything was closed but luckily, a few hours later, we found a friendly mechanic who repaired the puncture.