22. October 2012: Gazi Lisesi Jatagan ( The Leader's Grammar School) with Bilal

We knew Bilal from a former visit. He was so kind to take us to see his school in Yatagan.
First he and his wife took us for dinner in a nice garden restaurant and showed us their flat.

Then, next morning we witnessed the hoisting of the flag and the singing of the national anthem.This ceremony takes place every Monday morning. The school seems to be strictly in the tradition of
Kemalism: no religious symbols, no headscarves allowed, Atatürk everywhere.
It is called after the "Gazi", which means "leader".

Pupils march off into their classrooms.

 Mr. Süleyman Karman, the headmaster during the parade.

Bilal Dursun and the headmaster. Of course all teachers wear suits and ties.

In the headmaster's office there is a screen: the corridors (not the classrooms) are surveilled by video!

Bilal's schedule: He teaches English about 30 hours per week, mornings and afternoons. One afternoon is free.

Bilal took me to a class of about 17 year old pupils. They were nice, curious and polite and well-behaved.

Coal is fired not only in the school but also in a big thermal power plant in Yatagan.
You could smell it in the autumn air.

Because the anniversary of the founding of the republic was approaching (Oct. 29th) kids and music teacher were rehearsing the March of the republic:
Go to http://www.turkishlanguage.co.uk/anthem.htm  
This is also what they sing every Monday morning.

The piano was wildly out of tune. We didn't realize it as long as music teacher Mr.Aslan was playing turkish music, but european classical music sounded strange on it.