Malatya was the town where we started and ended our tour through the east.
On the plane to Malatya we were the only non-turkish or kurdish people and attracted quite an attention. Some people asked us politely, why we were going to Malatya.Tourists don't normally seem to go there. We found the town to be modern and booming, with a wonderful basar in the middle. Malatya is the centre of apricot production in Turkey. A big part of the basar is devoted
to fruits, dried fruits and nuts. We enjoyed an evening there before flying back to Istanbul and Vienna.

Ladies who want to show their political correctness in accordance with the AKP wear these dresses.
Some even manage to look elegant in them and slowly there is even some fashion creeping into the
dreadful design.

Although Maltya is hundreds of km from the sea (both ways, north or south!)  there is a wonderful fish market.

This friendly gentleman wears a traditional beard also showing his religious conviction. He sells
butter and yoghurt.

 Vegetables are piled into works of art.

 The apricot basar. One shop beside the other, each one trying to look more elaborate than the other.

 Eva is offered some turkish honey.

This shopkeeper was busy laying out a complicated pattern of sweets, dried fruis and nuts on a row of plates. Later he will wrap them for sale.

The view we had from Büyük Hotel in Malatya right opposite the big mosque. The muezzin was very audible at 05:00 in the morning.