Dogubeyazit and Ishak Pasha Serail


Nothing had prepared us for the stark, black, moon-like lava landscape of the far-eastern part of Turkey. Sometimes there were little villages or herds of sheep beside the road. It all looked more like Iceland than Turkey to me.

 This now was Ararat for sure!  5137m

A few kilometers south of Dogubeyazit there is Ishak Pasha Serail. It was built in the 16th century after the example of Topkapi Serail in Istanbul and served as the second administrative centre here in the east of Turkey.

I had seen many pictures before but none of them had shown, - to my memory, the upright cliff beside it.

To get the best view we climbed the thorny hill to the south.
It got colder but also the evening light got better all the time. A magic spot worth all the long way to come here!

 Going down to Murat's Camping we passed a graveyard.


Murat's Camping does not offer much luxury but is close to the Serail which is good if you want to take pictures after sunset. Also the food was excellent. Luckily we had enough raki to warm ourselves from inside.

Dogubeyazit is a fast growing town with a wild-west atmosphere. Houses and roads seem to be half built.

 Looking back to Mt. Ararat.