Jharkot and the Tibetan School.

After our first visit in 2001 this is the 4th time we are visiting Jharkot and the Traditional Tibetan Medical Center and School. I used to recieve support from the Austrian NGO Ecohimal. Now Mohun, the school's principal, organizes support from differnent donors, mainly in Austria, German and the USA. See: http://www.jharkot-projekt-e-v.de/

The valuable manuscripts of Jharkot monastery.

Pupils at moorning prayer
modern monks

Raja was a boy of ten when we first met him. Now he is 24 and back from an Indian monastery.
Raja and his grandfather at a marriage in their village Khinga
Khinga women dining in the gompa

The improvised kitchen.
The women wash the dishes in the stream running by.
Jharkot village


Raja explaining the Wheel of Life.

 Some of Mohon's pupils.

Raja showed us round his village. There is a very old tree there and some ruins of the medieval castle.