Birds from Nepal 1

For about two weeks of this Nepal trip I carried my heavy 500mm lens on my shoulder while trekking out of the High Himalayas into the hills. I had our guide Ram as an assistant and a very patient wife who enjoyed watching the birds through her binoculars. It was certainly not serious birding but just a gentle stroll, looking for birds on the way.
This is a selection of birds who were cooperative enough to let me take their picture. Roughly the list of species follows our trail down from about 4000m to the foothills around Pokhara

Thanks to Dr. Martin Gottschling, Büsum, who corrected some of my identification errors!
Steve Prior, Amelia, helped with the Striped Laughingthrush.

First some birds from the Muktinath Valley:

Long-tailed Shrike
Eurasian Cuckoo


Variegated Laughingthrush
Red-billed Chough
Rock Bunting

Himalayan Griffon

The following birds I found farther down in the Kali Gandaki Valley.
Grey Bushchatm male
Male (red) Longtailed and Grey-chinned (yellow) Minivet
Rufous Sibia
Verditer Flycatcher
Besra (Sparrowhawk)
Common Rosefinch

Himalayan Bulbul
Pied Thrush, female
Black Bulbul

Spotted Dove
Long-tailed Shrike, tricolor form
Blue Whistling Thrush
White-rumped Munia
Himalayan Bulbul

Plumbeous Water Redstart
Black-throated Sunbird
Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker
Crimson Sunbird
Common Stonechat
Blue-capped Rock Thrush
Ashy Drongo
Green-backed Tit
Fire-breasted Flowerpecker
Rusty-flanked Treecreeper
Brown-throated Treecreeper
Stiped Laughingthrush
(Strophocincla lineata setafer)
Grey Bushchat, female and butterfly

Cinnamon Sparrow (Russet Sparrow)

Grey Wagtail

Olive-backed Pipit

Spot-winged Tit
Chestnut-tailed Minla

Stripe-throated Yuhina

Brown Parrotbill

Rufous-bellied Woodpecker, male

Rufous-bellied Woodpecker, female