The Making of a Mandala

 In the Jahrkot Monastery, in the transhimalyan valley of Muktinath, monks came together on May, 22nd, 2013 to make a Mandala for Buddhas birthday. This year it was on the 25th of May 2013 A.D.

It all started very simply with a few crossing lines of chalk, then developed into something very geometrical but finally turned out to be rather floral and ornamental. The whole process took about three days. Prayers were held each night from 03:00 until about 07:00.


 These little butter statues were prepared separately and then placed inside the mandala.

 Biscuits and tea for the monks.

 Seeds from this huge bean-like fruit were also places carefully into the mandala.

 Early morning nap after hours of puja.

 Wireless microphones and loudspeakers for the nightly chants.

 Crushed minerals gave the colours.

We did not stay to see the final, colourful version. But anyway it was washed away after its completion as all mandalas are supposed to be destroyed as a symbol of the impermanence of all things.