This is Chora Sfakion. A bunch of hotels and tavernas in the rocky wilderness of Skafia.

 The smell from this bakery woke us in the morning. The room was so small we could hardly move.


We had enough wonderful bread to keep us going through gorges for weeks, but the weather suddenly changed and we could not go all the way through Aradena gorge. Still, what we saw was great!

Arádena Gorge
Kalderimi, steinige alte Wege

eine duftende Wicke?

mark the taped left shoe!
junge Wechselkröte?
an Aristolochia species
Mohn und Rittersporn
wild onion or garlic?
Pigeon chasing Kestrel
Felsenschwalbe, Crag Martin, Ptyonoprogne rupestris
Gyps fulvus, Gänsegeier