Scotland, June 2016: Aran and Islay

Here some bird pictures from Aran Island:

Eider Duck

Rock Pipit
Meadow Pipit
Pladda Island
Ringed Plover, Sandregenpfeifer

Arctic Tern, Küstenseeschwalbe

On Islay we had the privilege of meeting Peter Roberts and his wife Pia. Peter was in our house on Santiago some years ago. He has been living on Islay for many years and is a professional bird guide working world wide. To have him as a guide here was great!! Thank you Pia and Peter for your hospitality! (Bid pictures from here will follow!)
cattle auction on Islay

Woollen Mill

Islay tartan

beach rugby at Port Ellen

Kildalton Cross
birding with Peter Roberts

the walled garden at Islay House

Port Ellen
 Islay whisky destilleries: