The Ilisu dam will be built on the river Tigris farther downstreams from this beautiful old town.
Hassankeyf is going to disappear under water. Meanwhile begging children wait here for tourist busses to arrive.

Only the top of this minaret will look out of the lake surface.

Also the restaurant where we had lunch will diappear under water.

The ruins of an old brindge still stand in the river. It must have been a huge bridge for those days
(12th century!!)
In the 16th century about 10.000 people lived here.
1915 - 1917 during the deportation of the Armenians thousands were killed here.
For the Kurds Hassankeyf has become a symbol of their threatened national identitiy. They claim that the dam would never be built if the people who are going to loose their settlements weren't kurdish and blame the Turkish government for not offering adequate recompensation. For similar reasons Germany, Austria and Switzerland have withdrawn financial guarantees but it is doubtful whether this can stop the project.